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Helen is a DIRFloortime® trained dynamic special educator. She uses the developmental framework of DIRFloortime®, combined with expertise gained from 30 years of experience, to maximize the potential of each child she works with. It excites Helen to collaborate with caregivers and professionals to promote children’s development meaningfully through play. 

Helen’s passion is in supporting caregivers to create joyful play experiences that entice their child into interaction.  Helen has the gift of being able to facilitate magic moments of connection between a child and their caregiver.  At a practical level she supports caregivers to make sense of their child and provides ‘the just right’ strategies that create shared engagement.  Helen’s skill lies in her attention to detail and ability to synthesize and integrate seemingly disconnected elements, creating play that looks fun and spontaneous while being underpinned by deliberate, intentional action that supports developmental growth.

Caregivers and professionals seek Helen out not only for her expertise, but also for her capacity to speak honestly and clearly.  Her smile and sense of humor are also valued.  Children feel Helen's passion and energy, know her commitment to them and their success, and appreciate her unwavering consistency.

  • B.Ed Hons English and Education, Cambridge University, UK

  • MA.Ed Child Development and Language Development, The Open University, UK

  • Diploma in Special Education (Dyslexia & Literacy), Dyslexia Action / York University, UK

  • Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing, The British Psychological Society

  • Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment, and Access Arrangement, The British Psychological Society

  • DIRFloortime® Expert, Coach and DIR Training Leader, ICDL

  • The SCERTS Model Training, Emily Rubin & Amy Laurent

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Licensed Reading Teacher & Elementary Teacher

  • British Dyslexia Association Approved Teacher

Enabling the POWER OF PLAY to unfold for you, with your child, 

is a responsibility that I take very seriously.



build strong collaborative relationships with caregivers

promote development in a way that is meaningful and respectful

nurture children to be intrinsically motivated

create magic moments that deepen your connection with your child
bring you the benefit of my skills, talents, knowledge and experience


for lifelong positive success.

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