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DIRFloortime® is a Developmental, Individual-differences, and Relationship-based model of support. It provides a framework for understanding and promoting human development across the lifespan. DIRFloortime® builds the foundation for social, emotional and cognitive capacities rather than focusing exclusively on skills or isolated behaviors. The model harnesses the power of relationships and play to empower every individual to reach their fullest potential. 

DIRFloortime® can promote healthy development in all children, but it is especially powerful for children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental or emotional vulnerabilities. DIRFloortime® seeks to understand, accept and appreciate each person for who they are in their own unique way of being. 

Play Potential specializes in empowering children


within the context of

their family.

DIRFloortime® promotes the child's sense of self and sense of agency by facilitating attuned relationships between the child and their caregiver.  This creates a deep sense of security.  Within safe, nurturing relationships the child feels validated, understood and connected.  They can flourish and thrive.

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Play Potential is a DIR® accredited organization through International Council on Development and Learning (ICDL).  The accreditation endorses that Play Potential delivers high quality DIRFloortime® services.  The accreditation also recognizes that Play Potential is a leader in the DIR® community, helping to advance and increase awareness of developmental, relationship-based models of support.

Play Potential is the only organization in Wisconsin accredited by IDCL as providing DIR® services with high fidelity to the DIRFloortime®  model.

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